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Прескочи към основното съдържание

Похвалите за вас

Compliments let you know when you made your riders’ day. A rider can thank you for making their trip extra special, from knowing your way around town to playing great music.

Вижте своите похвали

Open the Driver app.

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner, then tap your profile photo.

Go to the Compliments section.

Преглед на похвалите

Звезден шофьор

Each thank you enters you to win once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences, available in select cities.

Чисто и подредено

Riders love a clean car. If you take great care of your vehicle, someone might thank you.

Отлично обслужване

Great service comes in many forms. If you keep doing excellent work, your riders may take note.

Отлична работа

You might get this compliment if a rider feels that you went beyond the basics.

Страхотна музика

Playing music in your car makes for a fun ride for some people. If your rider is into it, you can turn it up!

Страхотна кола

Any car can be a cool car. You can keep it clean, add some flair, or do whatever you want to make riders appreciate your space.

Приятен шофьор

Is your rider feeling chatty? Feel free to make them laugh.

Експерт в навигацията

If you're good with directions and share your local knowledge, riders can let you know.

Чудесен разговор

Some riders enjoy a good chat. Feel free to see if they want to talk.

Страхотни удобства

If you want to impress riders, consider bringing some bottled water or snacks. You might make someone's day.