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How we hire

Interviewing at Uber

We are looking to continue to build Uber with people who are go-getters: those who believe in outside-the-box solutions and are tenacious enough to make it happen. People who thrive at Uber build across teams, know that diversity makes us stronger, and enjoy the freedom to drive their growth.

It’s important that anyone interested in joining Uber understand our mission and our values. We want you to resonate with them, to want to come here and do your best to live them each day. Understanding your perspective on our mission and values through the interview—along with your functional knowledge—is an important part of getting to know you, and you getting to know us.

How we hire

Learn about Uber's hiring process and access resources to help you along the way. Given the variety of roles within Uber, our hiring process can differ between regions and teams.


Your first step is applying (of course). Use our job search to explore open roles and if you see something you like, hit apply. Uber moves fast, and new roles are added all the time, so check back regularly.

Talk with a recruiter or sourcer

You’ll start the interview process by talking with a member of the Talent Acquisition team about the role and your experience. This is a general conversation about your background and skill set as they relate to the role.

We also want to know why you're interested in joining Uber, what you know about us, and your ideas for moving our business forward. It sounds obvious, but it is really important!

Chat with the hiring manager

If the opportunity seems like a good fit, you’ll next speak with the hiring manager for the role. During this conversation, they will ask more about your experience and skills, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask detailed role-specific questions.

Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method when answering the questions, and as much as possible, be data-centric in your answers. We back up most of our decisions with data, so prepare to talk about how you use data within your role.

Technical interview (tech role only)

Technical interviews can vary. For coding, this will be a shared coding session where you will be speaking with an interviewer and tackling a problem using a collaborative environment.

Functional exercise or assessment (role dependent)

We often present candidates with a job-related task or work simulation to help us understand their functional knowledge and problem-solving approach. This could be anything from an analytics assessment, written assessment, or portfolio review.

Team interview

The next step is often to meet the team and cross-functional colleagues. Interviewers will ask you various questions about core skills needed to be successful in the role. If you completed an exercise, you might be asked to do a presentation.

Hiring decision

Our recruiters partner closely with the hiring team to review each candidate’s performance against specific job criteria. The team works together to reach a decision and your recruiter will be in touch about the outcome. Fingers crossed!

Quick tips

What may be discussed during your interview and how to prepare.

  • Job description

    Make sure you understand what we’re looking for and the scope of responsibilities in the role laid out in the job description.

  • Uber news

    Do your own research about Uber’s latest products and initiatives by heading over to our newsroom.

  • Uber blog

    Check out our local pages and our careers blog.

  • Leadership

    Find out more about the team that’s leading the way by meeting our leaders and reading a letter from our CEO.

  • Learn about our values

    Transportation isn’t the only thing we’re changing through our technology. We’re building a culture within Uber that emphasizes doing the right thing for riders, drivers, and employees. Learn about the behaviors that we value by learning about us, our cultural values, and our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • History of Uber

    Get some context on how far we have come as a business. Follow our timeline.

  • Check out our socials

    Explore our LinkedIn and Glassdoor profiles.


Meet with a local member of an Employee Resource Group

As you get to know us through the interview process, you're invited to meet with a member of your local Employee Resource Group (ERG). Our 12 ERGs lead monumental efforts to enrich internal and external communities and spearhead global change at Uber. This is completely voluntary and will have no impact on our hiring decision.


    • Make sure you have good Wifi
    • Use headphones to block out background noise
    • Test your microphone and headphones
    • Be thoughtful about your background
  • We use Zoom as our video conferencing tool for all interviews. Please download Zoom before the call and use the unique link provided in your confirmation email to join. If you’ve tried to connect to the call and are having issues, reply to your confirmation email and we can troubleshoot from there.

  • We use CodeSignal and Jamboards, among other tools. Your talent advisor will discuss this with you when preparing for your interview.

  • Yes, a talent coordinator will virtually walk you into your interview. When you join, your coordinator will confirm your schedule, ensure your camera and microphone are working appropriately, and transition to your first interviewer. Your talent advisor will follow-up with any next steps.