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Yun Chen

Yun is a graduate student in the Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (PRIS Lab) at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and an AI Resident at Uber ATG R&D, supervised by Professor Raquel Urtasun. His research interests include computer vision, especially deep learning.

Recent publications

PnPNet: End-to-End Perception and Prediction with Tracking in the Loop

Ming Liang*, Bin Yang*, Wenyuan Zeng, Yun Chen, Rui Hu, Sergio Casas, Raquel Urtasun (CVPR 2020)

Learning Joint 2D-3D Representations for Depth Completion

Yun Chen*, Bin Yang*, Ming Liang, Raquel Urtasun (ICCV 2019)

Multi-Task Multi-Sensor Fusion for 3D Object Detection

Ming Liang*, Bin Yang*, Yun Chen, Rui Hu, Raquel Urtasun (CVPR 2019)