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Hello, Uber Hero

Welcome to the new program that lets you earn money by guiding people to success on Uber's platform.

We’ll ask you to provide documents including but not limited to CUIT and CBU when you signup with Uber Hero.

How Uber Hero works

Include a new business line in your compañy with Uber Hero. Recruit your ‘leads’ and add them on your Uber Hero account. Help them complete various document checks to activate their driver account. Give support and expertise as they get started as drivers, and when they complete a certain number of trips, you will receive a payout from Uber. It’s perfect for ambitious, community-driven companies.

Earn money using the Uber Hero app

One place for everything

Uber Hero keeps all the key information as your leads become drivers, and shows you how much money you will earn when a driver completes their minimum trips.

Save time through smart organisation

Uber Hero groups your drivers into neat categories. See who needs to complete document checks or which have become inactive, letting you be smart with your time.

Works on multiple devices

In the office or on the go— access Uber Hero on your desktop or mobile, 24/7. All you need is a web browser.

Help for Heroes

Learn more on how to be an Uber Hero through our educational guides. For any questions that aren’t covered, you can ask for support.

All you need to know about Uber Hero

From educational guides on using the Uber Hero app and more general tips on business.

Need help?

See available support options.