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Step 5: Invite Employees

Once you’ve announced your launch with Uber for Business, it’s time to invite employees to join the account.

Two ways to add people

You can add employees individually or bulk upload them from a spreadsheet (CSV file). If you need to add more than 10 employees, we recommend the uploading a spreadsheet.

  • 1. Create

    Fill out a spreadsheet with the following columns: First name, Last name, Email, ID (optional), Reviewer email (optional).

  • 2. Export

    Export the spreadsheet as CSV file and save it to your computer. In Google Sheets, go to File > Download as. In Microsoft Excel, go to File > Save as.

  • 3. Upload

    From the "People" section of the dashboard, select "Import" and follow the prompts to upload the file.


Grouping employees

Groups allow you to arrange employees based on their travel or access needs. Follow the steps below to create groups for your employees.

1. Create a group

From the "People" section of your dashboard, select "Create Group" and then the purpose for the group.

2. Define programs

Give the group a name and description. Then, select which programs employees in this group can use.

3. Add employees

Select or add the employees you want to be in that group. A person can be in only one group at a time, but you can apply multiple programs to each group.

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