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Supplier FAQs

  • Please submit your invoices through the uSupplier portal. View our uSupplier FAQ here.

  • To view your invoice's status, please visit

  • No. A PO is required to provide goods or services to Uber and will include all of the information required for you to invoice. Any invoices without a PO will not be accepted. If you do not have an Uber PO, please reach out to your Uber business contact.

  • Our purchase orders do not include shipping, handling, or tax information. The PO amount is solely for the good or service provided, but your invoice will be paid inclusive of these additional costs.

  • Our default standard payment terms are Net 60. Please submit invoices on time to avoid rush payment requests.

  • For any updates to your supplier information, please refer to the Supplier Self Maintenance section of the Usupplier Playbook

  • For any other invoice or payment related questions, please email your regional Accounts Payable Inquiries email address: