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Drive with WAV

WAV provides affordable rides in wheelchair-accessible vehicles, where available.

We’re committed to developing solutions that support everyone’s ability to easily move around their communities. Help your community and earn money when you drive with WAV.

Why drive with uberWAV?

As an uberWAV partner in D.C., you'll:*

  • Keep 100% of your uberWAV fares.
  • Receive an additional $100 per week, when you complete 45 trips and are online for 30 hours in that week.
  • Get an additional $15 per completed uberWAV trip.

What is WAV?

Access to wheelchair-accessible vehicles

WAV allows riders who use wheelchairs to request wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

When riders select the WAV option, they're connected with vehicles equipped with ramps or lifts.

Partnering with the community

With WAV, we're expanding on the city’s and state’s efforts by connecting riders with wheelchair-accessible vehicles directly through the Uber app.

For the first time, riders requiring a wheelchair-accessible vehicle now have access to reliable, on-demand transportation.

Getting the most out of your WAV

If you're the operator of a commercial WAV business, Uber lets you get the most out of your vehicle and use your asset as much as possible. You can keep your regularly scheduled trips and accept requests for Uber trips in between.

If you're interested in driving with WAV, please fill out this form.

How do uberWAV and uberX differ?


  • Requires vehicle capable of loading and securing passengers using wheelchairs.
  • Requires a Passenger Service and Safety (PASS) or similar certification for drivers.
  • Drivers receive uberX, uberXL, and uberWAV trips.
  • uberWAV riders require assistance and need to be strapped in, typically resulting in longer trip times.
  • Drivers keep 100% of their uberWAV fares.


  • Use an eligible 4-door vehicle.
  • No certification required for drivers.
  • Drivers receive uberX trips.
  • uberX riders typically require minimal or no driver assistance.

How to start driving with WAV

Get a wheelchair-accessible vehicle

You can also use your own WAV or acquire a WAV through a third-party company.

Eligible WAV vehicles include: Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Ford Transit Connect, Mercedes-Benz Metris, Chrysler Town & Country, Nissan NV200, Toyota Pilot, and other properly retrofitted WAVs.

Opt in to receive WAV trips

Let us know so you can start receiving WAV requests and special promotions.

Hit the road with WAV

Open the app, and you’ll start receiving UberX, UberXL, and WAV trips.

Helping riders in wheelchairs or scooters

Knowing how to store wheelchairs and scooters helps people with limited mobility feel welcome and independent in your car.

Ask before handling wheelchairs

Start by asking the rider how you can help. Follow their directions and be careful handling their wheelchair or scooter.

How to start driving with uberWAV

1. Get a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

You can drive a WAV vehicle of your own or lease one through one of our partnerships with third-party leasing companies. Learn about leasing a WAV at one of our informational sessions.

2. Complete WAV certification class.

If you are not previously certified in WAV, the online and in-person WAV classes offered by third-party providers are required. They teach you everything you need to know about safely driving people who use wheelchairs.

3. Hit the road with uberWAV.

When your car and certification are in place, you’re ready to drive. Open the app, and you’ll start receiving uberX and uberWAV trips.