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成为 Uber Eats 优食派送员

尝试开车或骑车送餐。通过 Uber Eats 优食,您可以将人们喜爱的美食从当地餐厅派送到顾客手中。




As a driver and/or vehicle owner of a for-hire vehicle (FHV), you are required to follow the Taxi & Limousine Commission rules that apply to the license(s) you hold. Among other things, the TLC rules require drivers and/or vehicle owners to:

Get FHVs inspected at least once every 4 months. [TLC Rule 59A-26(a)]

Display your TLC driver’s license while you are operating the vehicle for hire. Your license should be displayed in a place that is clearly visible to passengers. [TLC Rule 80-24(a)(2)]

Display a safety sticker within the FHV that states “Turning? People are Crossing.” This is also known as the “Vision Zero Sticker.” The sticker should be affixed to the inside of the front windshield, in the center and at the top of the windshield directly behind the rearview mirror. The sticker should not be placed on the windshield in a way that will obstruct the driver’s view. [TLC Rule 59A-29(j)]

Only use an “electronic communication device” (i.e. your mobile device) while the FHV is legally parked or legally standing. Using your device includes operating the device in any way (including to text or make calls), having the device in your hand, and using a Bluetooth or other hands-free device in or near your ear. Note that using the Driver app to accept trips is allowed, provided that the device is mounted in a fixed position. [TLC Rule 80-14(g)]

Only complete trips by prearrangement with a licensed for-hire base. A driver cannot solicit or pick up passengers in any other way, including “street hails,” “private trips,” or any trips that are not prearranged by a licensed for-hire base. [TLC Rule 80-19(c)]

Drivers of FHVs may not pick up passengers at any taxi stand. [TLC Rule 80-19(d)(2)]

Drivers are limited to a combined 10 hours of driving on trips transporting passengers. The 10-hour limit does not include time spent waiting for trip requests or driving to pick up passengers. Drivers can reset this 10-hour clock by taking an 8-hour break. Drivers are also limited to 60 hours of passenger time each calendar week (Sunday to Saturday). [TLC Rule 80-14(f)]

Failing to comply with the TLC rules may result in summonses, fines, or other penalties. You are responsible for your own compliance with the TLC rules, and you are responsible for handling incidents resulting in violations of those rules. The full TLC rules are available online.





优步服务现已在长岛推出。注册即可在长岛开车接单,无需 TLC 执照。


优步服务现已在长岛推出。注册即可在长岛开车接单,无需 TLC 执照。







  • 在纽约市,不同的开车赚钱方式提供的机会各不相同。有些开车赚钱方式要求达到规定的时数并严格遵守时间安排。通过优步,您可以自主决定要经常开车接单,还是仅在周末短时间接单。您无需有共享出行接载经验。

  • Your schedule is up to you. With Uber, you can get paid to drive when you want. You have the flexibility to be a rideshare driver in New York City whenever you choose.

  • We make it as easy as possible for you to track your earnings from riders. A monetary amount at the top of your screen will show how much you’re getting paid to drive in New York City. Look for helpful tools in the app to give you more details and show you your totals in real time.

  • 要在纽约市成为优步合作车主,您需满足在当地驾车的最低年龄要求,拥有/获得符合要求的交通工具,并提交所需文件,包括有效驾照。此外,您必须通过背景筛查,并拥有 1 年以上的持证驾驶经验。