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Greater Maine


  • Model year must be 15 years old or newer
  • All 4-door cars, minivans and pickup trucks eligible
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • Must have functional safety belts for all seats, driver and passenger
  • No commercial branding
  • No large passenger vans or commercial/heavy duty trucks



Uber accepts both official and temporary registration documents. The vehicle does not need to be registered in your name to qualify.


All partners must maintain their own insurance policy in accordance with state and local laws. In addition, Uber maintains automobile liability insurance on behalf of all U.S. partners.

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State inspection

Your motor vehicle must meet all applicable inspection requirements and you must maintain a valid inspection certificate of approval for the vehicle on your car and a copy in your account.

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Vehicle options in Greater Maine


Most newer cars qualify to drive with UberX, the most popular vehicle option for riders. Cars no more than 15 years older than current year qualify to drive with UberX.

Additional requirements

  • 4-door sedan in good condition
  • Seat at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver
  • Working windows and air conditioning
  • No full-sized vans or trucks
  • No taxi cabs, government cars, or other marked vehicles
  • No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles


Seat extra passengers—and earn higher fares—with your high-capacity vehicle.

Additional Requirements

  • 4-door vehicle with independently opening passenger doors
  • Have 7 factory-installed seats and seat belts
  • Working windows and air conditioning
  • No vans, box trucks, or similar vehicles
  • No taxi cabs, government cars, or other marked vehicles
  • No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles
  • No aftermarket seating modifications, such as installed seats, seat belts, or BedRyder systems

Local requirements

To ensure that you stay safe and compliant on the road, all drivers should be aware of local regulatory requirements.