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Moving what matters when it matters most

The freight industry is the lifeblood of the economy. Demand for essential goods has grown, directly affecting the shippers and carriers who are on the front lines of producing and delivering these goods. As we face the challenges of this health crisis together, Uber Freight remains committed to supporting our carriers and our shippers.

Committed to helping

Uber Freight is working with carriers and shippers to ensure critical supply chains continue to keep the economy and relief efforts in motion.

Moving essential supplies

Since the crisis started, Uber Freight has moved more than 1 billion pounds of emergency relief supplies including food and water, hospital beds, and face masks. Hundreds of these loads were booked at zero profit.

Keeping truck drivers and carriers safe

Uber Freight is striving to keep drivers safe and healthy by distributing free sanitization kits, face masks, care packages, and Uber Eats credits. We’re also offering free coronavirus telehealth assessments.**

Supporting communities in need

Collaborating with other companies, we’re donating deliveries of essential supplies, such as PPE, to healthcare facilities and food banks across the country.

Important information for carriers

During this challenging time, Uber Freight is committed to the safety and well-being of carriers and their drivers, who keep freight moving and essential supplies stocked.

Safety at facilities

Your health is our priority. At facilities, consider remaining in your cab as much as possible and wearing gloves to minimize contact when handling objects touched by others, including door handles and diesel pumps.

Dining credits on us

Through June 1, 2020, truck drivers who haul Uber Freight loads in the US will receive $20 in credits weekly toward any meal ordered with the Uber Eats app.*

Important load details

Check your rate-con and in-app load notes to get up-to-date information and guidelines from shippers, like reduced hours, altered check-in processes, and more.

Cleaning spray for your truck

We are working to provide cleaning sprays to small carriers who use Uber Freight. Note that supplies are limited.*

Free coronavirus telehealth assessment

Uber is partnering with Ro—a patient-driven telehealth company—to share their free Coronavirus Telehealth Assessment.**

Sharing advice to stay healthy

We’re reminding everyone who uses Uber Freight to follow advice from public health authorities. If you’re sick, stay home and away from others. Wash your hands frequently, and cover your cough or sneeze.

For more information, visit the World Health Organization website.

Important information for shippers

Uber Freight is fully committed to keeping freight moving during this critical time. Our platform operates 24/7, allowing shippers to book, price, and track loads online, day or night. Our digitally enabled network of carriers can provide capacity at any hour.

Business continuity plan

All Uber Freight employees are able to work from home. As a technology-first company, our booking and operating platforms are entirely cloud-based, enabling all work to be performed remotely.

Relief loads

Uber Freight is committed to helping small shippers manage the increased costs during this critical time. Through April 12, all FMCSA emergency relief loads booked using the Uber Freight shipper platform were priced at zero profit for Uber Freight.*

Carrier guidance

We are actively passing along instructions and policy updates from our customers to ensure that carriers are prepared to comply with the requirements needed to service loads.

Weekly updates

We remain in close contact with public health organizations and continue to monitor developments. We will communicate any new information we receive to our customers, like in our weekly email updates.

You can also reach out to our team at with any specific requests or questions about policy changes pertaining to COVID-19.

**Ro is a third party, and Uber is not responsible for third-party offers, products, and/or services. Uber will not receive any personal information about your health or symptoms and will not know whether or not you received help from Ro. Ro’s services are not intended to provide diagnosis or direct care—telemedicine providers cannot diagnose COVID-19 themselves—but rather to help triage patients by giving them access to licensed providers online. We are sharing this information with carriers on the Uber Freight platform.