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Uber AI

Uber AI News

  • Uber AI in 2019: Advancing Mobility with Artificial Intelligence

  • Generative Teaching Networks: Accelerating Neural Architecture Search by Learning to Generate Synthetic Training Data

  • Controlling Text Generation with Plug and Play Language Models

  • Uber goes to NeurIPS

  • Food Discovery with Uber Eats: Using Graph Learning to Power Recommendations

  • COTA: Improving Uber Customer Care with NLP & Machine Learning

  • An Intriguing Failing of Convolutional Neural Networks and the CoordConv Solution

  • Improving Pickups with Better Location Accuracy

  • Introducing Hypothesis GU Funcs, an Open Source Python Package for Unit Testing

  • Introducing LCA: Loss Change Allocation for Neural Network Training

  • Ludwig v0.2 Adds New Features and Other Improvements to its Deep Learning Toolbox

  • Introducing EvoGrad: A Lightweight Library for Gradient-Based Evolution


Open Source Projects

  • Pyro

  • Ludwig

  • Plato