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Become a fleet partner in Sweden

Do you have a company with a taxi operating license (taxitrafiktillstånd) and drivers? Connect your drivers and we will take care of marketing and provide support for the drivers and passengers. We’re happy to help you find drivers for your fleet, but you’re free to handle it yourself.

Benefits of partnership

Boost your business

Increase orders and reduce idle mileage.

Monitor performance

See automated, unfiltered reports in real time, on one screen.

Minimise costs

No need to maintain dispatchers or spend on advertising. Uber provides round-the-clock driver support.

Get started

Create your account

Create your account and upload all required documents.

Add one or more cars

Add a car to your user profile in the Uber app.

Find and connect drivers

Find drivers by posting an ad on the Fleet Match website. Drivers in your area will be able to contact you. Once you found a driver, add them to your fleet through > Fleet > Add a driver.

How does Fleet Match work?

Fleet Match connects Uber drivers with Uber fleet owners. As a fleet owner, use the matching tool to find more drivers to your fleet.

Sign in to Fleet Match

Sign in to Fleet Match with your Uber account details.

Post an ad

Select 'Find a driver' and then 'Create an ad'. You will be asked to add information about your vehicle. If you have several vehicles, you can post several ads.

Get contacted or contact a driver

Your contact details are shared with drivers who are looking for a fleet partner. The driver will contact you if your offer is of interest. By selecting 'Find Drivers' from the Home screen, you are also able to search for driver profiles that are looking for a fleet partner.

Add the driver to your fleet

When you have agreed on the terms, you need to add the driver to your fleet at > Fleet > Add a driver.

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