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How to start delivering

In a city with Uber Eats? Getting started is simple. If you have an active driver account, you can also deliver. Check out these tips for receiving delivery requests in the app.

1. Tap the status bar at the bottom of your map screen.

2. Select the settings icon at the bottom of your screen to get to Driving Preferences.

3. Tap Deliveries to turn on Uber Eats.

If you accept the terms, you’ll start receiving delivery requests. You can turn delivery on and off anytime.

Questions from drivers and delivery partners

  • You can both drive and deliver using the same app. From the Trip Planner screen, tap on the settings icon on the bottom of the screen, and turn on Deliveries. If you choose to toggle between Uber and Uber Eats during rush hour and mealtimes, you may increase your chances of getting more trips.

  • Yes. Bikers can use Uber's platform and earn by making deliveries.

  • You can request a cleaning fee through the app. Refunds are reviewed case by case and aren’t guaranteed. Tip: transporting food in a waterproof bag may prevent spills.

Drive your way in the app

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