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Uber Romania – Aid for Ukraine

8 Martie 2022 / România

We are making joint efforts to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. For the Uber community in Romania, these activities are of particular importance, because many of our colleagues and even drivers cooperating with us come from beyond the eastern border, and their families are trying to escape from military actions. 

See how you can get involved and find out what other steps Uber is taking to help Ukraine. 

1. I want to send donations

  • If you want to deliver donation packages to one of the centers in Bucharest, you can send one for free to the Caradja Cantacuzino Association via Uber, using the code AJUTAUCRAINA, valid for trips in Bucharest-Ilfov, with the drop-off location at Strada Cloșca, nr. 12, Voluntari-Ilfov, daily between 09:00-18:00.   
  • Alongside the Caradja Cantacuzino Association, Uber is also offering free trips for packages sent to the Anaid Association. By using the code AJUTAMUCRAINA, you can send your package to their office at Bulevardul George Coșbuc 36-38 in Bucharest. The code is valid for trips up to 25 lei for people who want to send their donations with the drop off location at the association’s office.
    Uber has also helped the Anaid Association with codes for free trips for refugees arriving in Bucharest who need to get to their locations in the capital.

→ How it works:

It’s easy. You have a good heart and prepared an emergency package, but you can’t take it to the point in person. We will help you send it there free of charge. You just need to add the code in the app, in the Promo section in your Wallet (not Vouchers), enter the destination address of the Caradja Cantacuzino Association or the Anaid Association and wait for the driver to arrive to get your package. 

→ What may be in the package (updated information from The Caradja Cantacuzino Association):

CLOTHING: clothes, rain coats, new socks, gloves, winter hats, thermal blankets;

COSMETICS AND CHEMISTRY: medicine (allergies, headaches, nausea) for both children and adults, tampons, sanitizers;

OTHERS: plastic tupperware with lids, tea, coffee, phone cards, baby food (canned), small bags, baby diapers. 

2. I am a refugee and need to get medical attention: 

The REGINA MARIA network offers medical services to Ukrainian citizens coming into Romania. We are joining this initiative and offering free trips with the code below depending on each city, valid for trips to Regina Maria medical centers. These codes have a limit of 25 lei per trip and are available until March 31st.

→ Where can I go:

CityRegina Maria Location Code
Bacău Regina Maria Polyclinic – Pictor Theodor Aman, nr. 40 –
Brașov Regina Maria Hospitals: Bd. Iuliu Maniu, nr. 49,
Regina Maria Polyclinics: Str. Egretei nr. 1, Bucuresti Nr. 30, Mihail Kogalniceanu Nr. 16, ://
BucharestRegina Maria Hospitals: Strada Nicolae G. Caranfil 85a, Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea 85A, Floreasca 14, Regina Maria Polyclinics: Str. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, nr. 5B, sector 1, Park , Soseaua Pipera Nr. 43 sect.1, Ion Ionescu de la Brad, nr. 5B, sector 1, (might look the same as the one above there are actually two at the same address)Șoseaua București-Ploiești 1 corp A, Cotroceni nr. 20, sector 6, Doamna Ghica Nr. 135, George Enescu Nr. 12, Axinte Uricariul, sector 1, Iuliu Maniu nr. 51, sector 6, :// C Complex Business Garden, Calea Plevnei 159, Dorobantilor Nr. 126 – 130, Dimitrie Pompeiu, nr. 9-9A, cladirea 1, parter, sector 2 Charles de Gaulle nr 4-6, 2 Mall Sun Plaza, Calea Văcărești 391, Iuliu Maniu Nr. 6H, Văcărești 189 în interiorul Universității Titu Maiorescu, corp M, Buzești 75-77 etaj 3,
Cluj-Napoca Regina Maria Hospital: Calea Dorobanților 29,
Regina Maria Polyclinics: Strada Teodor Mihali 42-44, Sextil Pușcariu 2, Observatorului 3, Louis Pasteur nr. 24/72,
ConstanțaRegina Maria Polyclinics: Bulevardul Mamaia 16A, Mircea cel Bătrân 102, Tomis 143A, Mamaia 208,
Craiova Regina Maria Polyclinics: Str. Stefan cel mare nr 2-4, Bl V1-V2, Păltiniș 1, Alexandru Ioan Cuza 16C, Grigore Ureche 3,
PiteștiRegina Maria Polyclinic:

Bulevardul I. C. Brătianu Nr. 48-52,
PloieștiRegina Maria Polyclinic:

Bulevardul Republicii Nr.6,
TimișoaraRegina Maria Hospital: Calea Aradului 113,
Regina Maria Polyclinics: City Business Centre, Strada Coriolan Brediceanu Nr. 10, Cristalului 2a, 1 în incinta Iulius Mall, Strada Aristide Demetriade 1, Șagului 20,

→ How to add code:

  1. Open the app 
  2. Expand the menu in the upper left corner 
  3. Go to Wallet 
  4. Go to the bottom and click “Add promo code” in the promotion side (not the voucher side)
  5. Enter the promo code, the app will automatically apply the discount when you order a ride.

3. I am a refugee crossing Romania in order to get to relatives in a different country

Uber offers free trips for Ukrainian citizens who have arrived in Romania and who need transportation to hosting locations, in partnership with

The code is available for Ukrainian citizens calling the support line opened by They will receive indications for using the codes for free trips according to their specific situations. is a travel company offering flights and travel accommodation. 

Their initiative is to offer flights and accommodation to Ukrainian citizens passing through Romania. 

4. I am a refugee and need to get to the embassy 

In partnership with MagicHome, Uber is offering codes to help Ukrainian citizens with going to the Ukrainian embassy in Bucharest in order to obtain any needed documents. 

5.  I want to donate financial aid

If you want to donate money, but you don’t know how to find the right organization, you can make a donation to one of the following organizations that provide real help to refugees:

  1. Unicef Romania 
  2. Red Cross Romania 
  3. World Vision Romania 
  4. Save The Children Romania 
  5. Samas Association (choose donation destination for Ukraine) 
  6. Romania United Fund 
  7. JRS Romania 
  8. LOGS Group 
  9. Fight for Freedom
  10. If you wish to help in any other way, enter the specially created Facebook group United for Ukraine 
  11. More information for refugees on

6. Uber helps people from Ukraine become drivers in Romania 

We want to help refugees in search of a job to start driving with Uber in order to gain incomes during their stay in Romania. 

Ukrainian refugees need our immediate help. That is why we have launched a full range of activities, providing support to charity organizations, fleet partners providing aid in the border area, and all those who found themselves in a difficult life situation in connection with the conducted hostilities.

As Uber, we have initiated multiple actions for supporting Ukrainians. Our team is constantly working on actions such as:
-> In the US, we launched an in-app donation button to allow Uber riders to make donations to the International Rescue Committee. We plan to make in-app donation features available to Uber users in more countries in the coming days. Uber will match donations made through this feature up to $1 million. We are also making an additional $500,000 donation to the International Federation of Red Cross and World Food Program USA in support of the UN World Food Programme’s humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and neighboring countries;

-> Donations to institutions organizing aid in Ukraine and to refugees – We have collected 60 tons of essential supplies in Romania, and we’re now working with the International Red Cross to transport them to communities in Ukraine;

-> In Poland, Uber offers free rides at the border. We are providing unlimited free trips between the Ukrainian border and Polish cities to help support refugees and their families;

-> Supporting our fleet partners, both financially and operationally;

-> Establishing cooperation with local companies to provide help in cities where it is needed.

The past days have shown how wonderfully our community can unite. We are glad that we can help in these difficult times, using our technology for a good purpose. We encourage you to join us and help as much as you can.