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Associate Product Manager Program

The Uber Associate Product Manager (APM) program offers new college graduates the opportunity to build world-class products for people to use globally every day. All APMs will:

  • Work across Engineering, Design, Data Science, and Operations to ship high-impact products end to end.
  • Form lifelong bonds with the APM community, many of whom have led Uber’s most successful projects and have gone on to start their own ventures.
  • Learn from industry and product leaders both in and out of the APM program to help you achieve your personal and career goals.

Join a driven product community cultivating the next generation of world-class technology leaders.

Work that moves you

Learn by doing

Uber embraces a learn-by-doing philosophy. APMs start shipping high-impact products the moment they join Uber. Additionally, three rotations allow APMs to get a breadth of skills across different Uber products in different verticals, ranging from Driver Experience to Uber for Business.

Global perspective, local expertise

Uber is a global technology company—every feature we ship has to work in the 10,000+ cities where Uber is available. APMs take a research trip to 4 cities around the world to build empathy for market-specific needs.

Lifelong community

APMs are given the mentorship and tools to succeed personally and professionally. Other than direct managers, APMs are paired with senior product leaders for career direction. APMs collaborate continually and form friendships for life.

The APM journey

Boot camp

Congratulations, you’ve arrived at Uber! Your first 2 weeks will be an immersive boot camp experience, designed to get you ramped up on everything Uber. Learn about all areas of the business, develop product fundamentals, exercise customer empathy, and embrace learn-by-doing via a Hackathon.


After boot camp, you’re a mini-expert on Uber ready to tackle your first rotation. You get matched, then you're up and running on a team. First-rotation APMs work on a team with a senior PM who provides active coaching and mentorship. With each subsequent rotation, you learn to take on more responsibility across various organizations that you choose.

World trip

With one rotation under your belt, you join your class on a world tour to 4 of Uber’s most operationally challenging and unique cities. The trip gives your APM class the chance to develop empathy for market needs around the world and use this global product perspective to help inform product priorities and opportunities.

The community

Uber APMs are a multigenerational community that not only work together but also grow together as friends. Each APM has a unique experience that everyone in the community learns from.

  • Elie Climan, APM ’20

    Interests: DJing, Biking, Docuseries

    Rotation 1: I spent my first 6 months at Uber working on Subscriptions (Eats Pass & Uber Pass). Our team was in charge of the platform that powers those subscriptions as well as the Uber Pass user experience. Our focus was on leveraging the power of the platform to bring discounts to users. Fun fact - Subscriptions were mentioned multiple times during earnings calls and interviews during my time on the team!

    Rotation 2: For my second rotation, I wanted to be closer to what makes Uber, Uber. So I joined the Driver Pricing & Incentives team which is the team that finds ways to incentivize drivers to get on the road during peak times and to drive more frequently. I learnt about the complexities of driver supply, the needs of our driver partners and how to create experiences that make earning more simple.

  • Revati Kapshikar, APM ’18

    Program favorites: APM Trip, recruitment, close post-college community, lasting friendships

    Favorite memory: APM Boot camp - From the formative two weeks I spent along with my cohort getting a crash course on all things Uber and product, to the many years of boot camp I’ve had the opportunity to participate in as a facilitator and speaker, I can’t think of a more special part of the APM program.

    Post-APM life: In my current role, I lead Driver Pricing product for our Rides business alongside a talented and dynamic team. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have explored different rotations to find a space that is intellectually exciting for me and drives massive business impact for the company. Since graduating, I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and manage other APMs and give back to a program that has helped me grow and establish myself as a leader.

  • Pranav Gulati, APM '20

    Favorite Memory: Late night hang outs with the APMs during our trip to Miami

    Rotation 1: I worked on Reservations, Uber’s new schedule ahead product, in my first rotation. I was part of a vertical team that owned everything from how we priced rides and matched drivers to the design of the app experience. I had the chance to work on all aspects of the launch of UberX Reservations in over 40 cities in the US.

    Rotation 2: I decided to explore the Delivery side of the business for my second rotation as part of the Uber Eats Consumer Growth team. There, I helped scale our ML platforms to optimize Uber’s marketing outreach to millions of consumers and drive millions in incremental gross bookings.

    Rotation 3: To round out my APM experience, I joined the Earner Discovery team, thinking about how to build the Uber Driver app to empower earners to succeed on the Uber platform. Our team builds scalable UX platforms that can be leveraged by stakeholders globally to provide Earners with tools to maximize their earnings with Uber. This includes thinking deeply about the Driver app’s holistic design as well as how we use ML to personalize the app experience to each Earner.


Frequently asked questions

  • We look for recent university grads with a technical background (computer science degree or equivalent) graduating this year or within one year of graduation. Aside from that, we look for candidates with the following qualities:


    • A “go-get” personality—biased toward action, and constantly pushing toward clarity and delivery
    • Bold innovation coupled with principled thinking and well-honed product judgment
    • Mentality of starting with the users and working backwards
    • Excellent communication and partnership skills
    • A true passion for Uber's mission, vision, products, and users
    • A never-ending desire to grow and learn
  • You will join 3 teams over the course of 24 months across all of Uber, including but not limited to Rider, Driver, Merchant, Courier, New Verticals, Uber Freight, and Platforms, leading into a Product Manager role.

  • Aside from the world-class product team and opportunity for impact, some of the unique things that distinguish Uber:

    • Intersection of technology and the physical world. Stakes are higher, and an entirely new class of problems emerges, when your technology is reimagining the way people and things move in real time in the real world.

    • Global hybrid technology-operations nature. Uber is, at heart, both a powerful technology company and a hyperlocal business, and this model has scaled to more than 10,000 cities. We build products for markets across the world with their own cultural, regulatory and customer differences.

    • Scope and impact. You are the true owner of your Uber APM experience. You can experience building zero -> one projects, develop revolutionary new products, manage integrations, and iterate on existing core products touching millions of lives every day.

    • Exposure to a wide array of products and constantly evolving technology spaces. Uber went from zero to 5 billion trips in 7 years, and 5 billion to 10 billion trips in one year. We have groups working on everything from micromobility to trucking to grocery deliveries to autonomous vehicles. There is something for everyone here.

  • APMs work on teams across all areas of the business. APMs get full autonomy in choosing areas they are interested in. Some of the projects that APMs have driven:


    • Launching and growing out Uber for Business
    • Building out the Uber Eats marketplace and pricing ecosystem
    • Rolling out and creating a seamless rider experience with Express Pool
    • Creating a real-time face verification platform to prevent account hacking
    • Developing and launching upfront pricing
    • Launching suggested pickup locations
  • Once APMs graduate from the program, they go on to become product managers at Uber and continue to create extraordinary impact.

  • Our interview process consists of a resume review, a take-home product exercise, and several interviews with members of the Uber team across Product, Engineering, and Design.

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