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Delivering cash orders

In certain areas of the world, Uber offers customers a cash payment option. They can pay you in cash instead of being charged automatically within their app.

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  • In this video, you’ll learn about:

    • When and how you’ll be notified of a cash order
    • Providing change to your customer
    • Service fees
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The basics of cash orders

A cash order will look like any other, with a couple of small changes. When you’re picking up an order for a customer who is paying in cash, a cash badge will appear in your app as you get near the destination. When you arrive to deliver the order, your app will show Collect cash at the top.

How cash orders work:

1. Accept the order as you normally would.

2. When you drop off the order, the app will let you know to collect cash from your customer. It’ll show you the amount to collect, too.

3. Customers are encouraged to pay the exact amount, but they may ask you for change in some cases.

Tip from other partners: carry change

Depending on where you live, cash orders may happen often. But regardless of how frequently you collect cash for an order, it’s a good idea to have some change available in case the customer isn’t prepared with their exact amount. If you don’t have correct change for an order, you can leave the food with the customer and then go break change.

Questions from delivery partners

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