Ogłoszenia dla kierowców

Driver phrasebook – learn languages with Uber!

24 maja 2019 / Polska

Dear drivers,

below you will find files and recordings from which you can learn Polish and English. Mastering the most common phrases used during the trip ​​will certainly be useful and well received by passengers.

The transcription files are in two versions: Polish-English and Polish-Russian. Recordings can be heard from the built-in recording player or downloaded by clicking on the three dots on the right and selecting “Download”.

Polish-English phrasebook

Download transcription

1. Determining the location and the route – Określanie położenia i trasy 

2.  Behaviour towards passengers – Zachowanie względem pasażerów

3. Additional passengers’ requests – Dodatkowe prośby pasażerów 

Polish-Russian phrasebook

Download transcription

1. Określanie położenia i trasy – Определение положения и трассы

2. Zachowanie względem pasażerów – Поведение по отношению к пассажирам

3. Dodatkowe prośby pasażerów – Дополнительные просьбы пассажиров


Enjoy learning!