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Oportunidades para todos

Giving people greater access to opportunity is at the heart of our innovations. For members of underserved communities, that means helping to provide opportunity for a source of income or access to getting around on their own terms.

La accesibilidad importa

Las funciones que permiten a las personas seguir viajes, enviar alertas por texto y pedir vehículos especialmente equipados según sus necesidades hacen que los productos disponibles en nuestras apps sean más accesibles.

Soluciones para los usuarios en silla de ruedas

We’ve launched WAV, with wheelchair-accessible vehicles, in cities across the US and are working with drivers to assist and to understand the needs of people who request these types of rides.

Oportunidades económicas para personas con discapacidad auditiva

Unemployment and underemployment among this group is around 70%. Uber has added unique product features to make it easier for people who are hard of hearing to drive using the Uber app.

Independencia para los adultos mayores

Features designed to enhance senior living

With better mobility options, with or without a smartphone, the Uber platform can help older riders extend their independence and stay connected to friends, family, and healthcare providers.

Pide un viaje para un ser querido

La app permite pedir viajes para otras personas y pagarlos. Por lo que, sin importar a dónde vayan tus seres queridos (ni dónde se encuentren), puedes programar un viaje confiable con solo tocar un par de botones.

Nos asociamos con centros locales para personas mayores

Senior centers across the US can provide better transportation service to their residents through our specialized app, Uber Central.

Brindamos oportunidades para generar ganancias

The Uber platform is a financial lifeline for millions of people around the world. Whether it’s to help fund their business, support their family, or make a little bit extra on the side, Uber makes it easy to make money.

During the first half of 2016, 25% of new earning opportunities in the Paris area came from platforms like Uber.

Source: Uber Under the Hood on Medium, December 28, 2016