If you’re still looking for the perfect present, time is on your side. All this week, you can get gifts from dozens of New York stores like Vianel, Reason Clothing, and Earth Sea Warrior, delivered in hours. Since fast shipping can be too pricey and free shipping can be too late, we’re partnering with Shopify to help local stores deliver fast and free through Thursday, December, 24. You know, like a magical flying sleigh.

To pull off the holiday miracle, choose a gift–maybe Portolano gloves for your uncle, a Maeven jacket for Mom, or a Boy Meets Girl hoodie for your sister–then select free UberRUSH delivery and watch the gift come right to you. Your “will it ship?” worries will melt away.

We’re not saying it’s a holiday miracle, but with all of your shopping done today, you just might.


How it works

Run your business on Shopify? See how UberRUSH can handle delivery.