Every day, millions of people rely on Uber for mobility and work. What started as a more reliable way to get a ride has evolved into a global marketplace powering 15 million trips a day.

As our business has grown, the pricing and matching technology we use to deliver reliability at this scale has had to become more sophisticated and complex. This complexity has, in turn, sparked interest in how it all works—and why it works the way it does.

That’s why we are launching What Moves Us ─ a way for anyone with an interest in our marketplace to learn how our pricing and matching technology works and how principles shape its design.

Through a dedicated website and a series of videos featuring members of our team, What Moves Us aims to answer questions like how prices are determined, what goes into our matching algorithms, and how earnings work in an open marketplace.

Our Marketplace Design Principles

We also realize that moving people and things in the real world is a big responsibility. That’s why as part of What Moves Us, we are sharing the marketplace design principles we use to shape our pricing and matching practices in the US and live up to that responsibility.

These marketplace principles were defined through extensive listening and collaboration with riders, drivers, thought leaders, advocates and employees across our company. They speak to our deepest motivations and the sometimes difficult tradeoffs we must make to deliver reliability and accessibility at scale. And they represent our commitment to approach our work with integrity and accountability.

Expanding access

We believe broad access to an open marketplace creates greater opportunity for everyone. We aim to serve anyone’s need for mobility or work — anywhere and anytime.

Delivering reliability

We believe the Uber network should work for everyone in the community. We strive to make every ride a great experience, and we design for a balanced and reliable marketplace for today and the future.

Providing choice

We believe flexibility and choice enable more freedom in mobility and work. We provide choices for both drivers and riders, and the network rewards choices that benefit the community.

Aligning needs

We believe it is our responsibility to align the different and sometimes conflicting needs of riders and drivers. We are also responsible for how value is shared across the network. We build technology designed to provide reliable earnings for drivers and affordable prices for riders.

Being upfront

We believe everyone should be equipped with the right information to make the best decisions for their needs. We strive to being clear about pricing, matching, and how our technology affects riders and drivers.

We will hold our marketplace design accountable to these principles and continue to incorporate them into our product development. We will embed them into our day-to-day work through training and development and use them to encourage important internal discussion and debate. If these principles conflict with a product or design choice, we’ll change course.

Moving Forward

We believe bringing more clarity and accountability to the technology that powers our platform is the right thing to do as a global technology company. But this is not the end of the conversation. We will continue to listen and learn from our customers, thought leaders and advocates, and the communities we serve with the goal of building a reliable and accessible ridesharing marketplace where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.