Shared rides are arriving now! We’re excited to announce that UberX Share is available in cities across the U.S., including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego, Portland, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. We plan to expand UberX Share to even more cities this summer.

Since pausing shared rides in 2020, our teams have been working tirelessly to revamp the experience. And after months of listening to driver and rider feedback, redesigning, testing, and troubleshooting through various pilots around the globe, the new UberX Share will allow riders to:

  • Share a ride, get savings: riders will receive an upfront discount if they choose UberX Share, and get up to 20% off the total fare, if matched with a co-rider along the way.
  • Stay on schedule: To prevent pickups and drop-offs from causing unexpected delays, we’ll only match riders heading in the same direction. We’ve designed UberX Share so that riders arrive no more than 8 minutes later than an UberX ride.
  • Make a sustainable choice: By helping to match more people in fewer cars faster, we can help cut gas use, vehicle-miles and emissions per passenger, and make transportation more affordable.

At Uber, we know affordability is important to making transportation more accessible for more people – especially in the current economic climate. Offering more affordable products isn’t just good for customers, it helps build out an ecosystem of affordable, multi-modal transportation – from shared rides, to micromobility, to public transit, which continues to be a powerful ally to Uber. Together we can chip away at our ultimate shared competitor: personal car ownership.

Our pooling product has long been a rider favorite, from the spontaneous singalongs to meeting new friends and other fun chance encounters. We believe UberX Share, and the improvements we’ve made for drivers and riders, will make it better than ever.