Transitioning from military to civilian life can be challenging, but at Uber we understand that veterans are some of our nation’s most talented and skilled leaders. That’s why we’re excited to launch UberMILITARY: our new program to introduce service members, veterans and military spouses to Uber and empower them as entrepreneurs and small business owners. Over the next 18 months, we will on-board 50,000 members of the military community to the Uber platform.

We are honored to have the former Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert Gates, serve as volunteer Chairman of the UberMILITARY Advisory Board. The board—which will include members to represent every branch of the military—will continue to put forward new initiatives to positively impact military communities.

I’m proud to be a part of this unprecedented effort by a single company to ensure that tens of thousands of our nation’s military members, veterans and spouses have access to a unique entrepreneurial opportunity. UberMILITARY is committed to providing our service men and women with the economic opportunity, flexibility and entrepreneurship that are the foundation of the Uber platform.

– Dr. Robert Gates

From veterans looking for flexible part-time work while they go back to school, to reservists looking for a full-time opportunity between drills, to military spouses hoping for a job that can follow them on the next move, Uber is a perfect fit.

  • You’re the Boss: Our partners work whenever they want, wherever they want.
  • Entrepreneurship Awaits: From day one, drivers set their own hours, have access to customers, and create their own steady and growing stream of income—many drivers begin with a single car and end up owning and managing a fleet of vehicles.
  • Vehicle Financing: For service members who lack sufficient credit or have gaps in their credit history due to deployment, Uber’s vehicle financing program will assist with buying new vehicles at lower prices and rates than what is available on the open market.

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Special Promotions and Offers

Please note, the promotions listed below are no longer valid.

UberMILITARY is proud to partner with the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes to reach thousands of members of the military community through job fairs and events across the country. And in cities nationwide, members of the military community will be welcomed to Uber with special promotions and offers:

  • In Fayetteville, UberMILITARY will come to you! Just request to be onboarded for on-demand service direct to your door. To celebrate this launch, we’re also giving away free rides in Fayetteville (up to $25 each.)
  • In San Diego, Baltimore and Washington, DC we’ll be hosting UberMILITARY specific on-boarding events this Friday, September 19, complete with custom UberMILITARY swag!
  • In Baltimore, Jacksonville and San Antonio, rides to and from local military bases will be deeply discounted for members of the military all weekend long.
  • In Chicago for the remainder of 2014, members of the military community will keep more of their fares with reduced commissions.
  • New Jersey and Connecticut will offer significant referral bonuses for UberMILITARY.

We are honored to lead this effort and increase participation among military members on our platform. Click here for more information on UberMILITARY or to sign up as a driver today.


Here are some quick facts about the military community and Uber: