We’ve seen a humanitarian crisis unfold across Europe in recent weeks and months. Around the world, we’ve all been moved by the stories of thousands of refugees.

At Uber, we want to do our bit to help — and help in a way that only Uber can.

Last week, we launched UberGIVING across 46 cities in 19 European countries to make it easier for people to donate items in need, and support organizations helping those affected by the refugee crisis.

Your response was overwhelming.

Thousands of riders and hundreds of driver-partners across the continent came together to collect items for local charities, which are being delivered to those in need or used to raise money for critical action. Many more made financial donations directly to charitable appeals for refugees. In total, we collected enough items to fill more than 10 shipping containers.

As always, none of this would be possible without our amazing driver-partners, whose commitment and passion inspired the riders they encountered. Many chose to donate their payments for the day and gave their time for free to the cause they were supporting.

“I know a lot of driver-partners who have been through similar situations or much worse. That’s why I know UberGIVING is going to have a big impact. I will work harder than anyone else for UberGIVING. It’s very important, it’s precious.”
– Mohammed, London Uber driver-partner

Your stories have moved us all, and this isn’t the end. We will continue to work with our charity partners across Europe, now and in the future, to support their emergency relief efforts in the region.

Thank you for your support.