From deciding which route on your commute will be fastest to picking between your favorite playlist and that new podcast everyone’s talking about, our days are filled with endless choices.  And when hunger strikes, “what’s for dinner/lunch/mid-afternoon snack?” is not always a straightforward decision, even when you have the convenience of food delivery at the push of a button. In fact, with more than 80,000 restaurants on UberEATS in nearly 200 cities around the world, making that choice can be all the more daunting. That’s why we’re focused on the right ingredients to help you find what you’re feeling. Here’s the recipe for balancing great choices with ease:

Step 1: Mix selection with quality feedback

When you open the UberEATS app, you see nearby restaurants grouped by a number of characteristics (delivery time, cuisines, etc), but after rating everything from your ride to your food experience, we’ve heard time and time again that recommendations from others matter when deciding what’s for dinner. That’s why starting today, we’re showing the latest UberEATS community ratings to you. Sharing ratings is a win-win, as restaurants can use this real-time feedback, including detailed comments on their Restaurant Manager dashboard to grow their business.

In-app UberEATS community ratings
Detailed feedback for restaurants

Step 2: Bake-in personalized menu recommendations for each restaurant

Personalization is another key ingredient for an informed dinner decision. That’s why we already have a personalized feed to ensure you see restaurants that fit your taste the second you open the app. But having a set of recommended restaurants only gets you halfway there– you want Italian food, but is pasta or pizza for dinner? Starting today, we’re going deep on this idea, with each restaurant displaying dish recommendations tailored to your taste, based on how you use the app. Restaurants are excited about this upgrade, too– as menus can dynamically fit customer’s varying taste and avoid being overwhelmed by a lengthy menu. It’s a match made in convenience and culinary heaven.

Step 3: Fold in your favorites

As we blend community ratings and personalized recommendations to help you find what you’re craving, the critical final touch comes from you. It should be easy to  find your go-to options and find what you’ve already discovered is your favorite. From now on, when you “favorite” a restaurant, it’ll stay at the top of your feed.

UberEATS puts thousands of culinary options at your fingertips and we will continue cooking up ways to make it easy to enjoy them all for whatever occasion. So whether you’re passionate about pasta, an avocado toast aficionado or bonkers about burritos, the UberEATS app is now built better than ever to help you find more of the food you love at the push of a button.