We took at look at our data to see which late night items have been most popular and most highly rated among New Yorkers since the new UberEATS app launched one year ago.

Here are the late night items topping the charts:

1. Buffalo Boss Organic Wings & Things | Harlem | Wings

Let’s be honest… it’s not a night after bar-hopping, if wings aren’t involved. You’ll feel better about yourself come morning, knowing they were 100% organic.

2. Georgia’s Eastside BBQ | Lower East Side | Fried Chicken Sandwich

All we wanna do is listen to funk music and eat soul food with good friends. Make it happen with Georgia’s famous Fried Chicken Sandwich, Classic Mac and Cheese, and some James Brown.

3. Blue 9 Burger | Upper East Side | Blue Nice Burger

We see you, Upper East Siders! UberEATS here with the freshest, made-to-order, and never frozen burgers you’ve ever tasted at 2 am.

4. Sticky’s Finger Joint | Greenwich Village | Signature Fingers

The very first gourmet chicken finger restaurant to land in NYC, Sticky’s is there to cure your late night cravings with 20 fresh sauces to dip into.

5. Sammy’s Halal Food | Greenwich Village | Combo over Rice

It’s not after hours in New York without some halal in your life. Get yours at Sammy’s with the Combo Over Rice.

6. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza | Bushwick | Artichoke Slice

You can never go wrong with a slice of Artichoke Basille’s Pizza—it’s even better when you don’t have to wait in line.

7. Shawarma House | Midtown West | Chicken Shawarma Platter

It’s your trusty late night indulgence with Shawarma House and their Chicken Shawarma Platter.

8. Zing’s Awesome Rice | Lower East Side | Chicken Seared Rice

At Zing’s, owner, Haijing Bai, doesn’t fry her famous rice, but soaks it in olive oil, and then briefly bakes the grain before searing it in more oil. Choose from Cantonese sausage, chicken, bacon, tofu, shrimp, or a secret protein if you dare!

9. Drunken Munkey | Upper East Side | Butter Chicken Tikka Masala

Classic Indian cooking influenced by Colonialism, Drunken Monkey features the Anglo-Indian family recipes passed down since the 1910’s.

10. Kottu House | Lower East Side | Classic Chicken

Get a taste of Sri Lanka at Kottu House with the Classic Chicken Kottu made with black chicken curry, spices, minced godamba roti, and stir fried with a blend of curry, eggs and vegetables.

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