Q: What is this new pilot?

A: We are launching a new pilot for drivers called uberCOMMUTE. It allows people who regularly drive to work to share the journey, as well as recoup the cost of the trip, with a fellow commuter.

  • If you like to drive, sign up with Uber and we’ll check your driver’s license and driving record. On the days you’re driving and want to share your commute, switch on the app and we’ll pair you up with someone going the same way.     
  • If you’re a passenger and there’s a Commute driver heading your way, we’ll notify you after you request a ride. You can choose to ride with the Commute driver or ride with an uberX driver.
  • If there’s no commuter to pair you with we’ll find a standard driver for your trip.    

Q: Where can I go with this new COMMUTE pilot?

A: The pilot will be available throughout Chicagoland during key commuter times: Monday through Friday, 5 AM – 10 PM.

Q: Can I select any preferences about whom I’m matched with?

A: No, you will be “smart” matched with another commuter within your vicinity and whose destination is within range of yours.

Q: What checks do you ask commute drivers to go through and how is this different from the checks you require for Uber driver-partners?

A. This pilot is an app-based version of casual carpooling, which already happens every day. By using technology, we hope to make carpooling more convenient, reliable and safe . For example, we:

  • Check drivers’ licenses and driving records before letting anyone take a trip;
  • Track all trips using GPS from beginning to end, which includes enabling riders to share their location and travel path on a map with family, friends, and co-workers in real-time; and
  • Increase accountability through feedback and ratings from riders and drivers.

Uber driver-partners are also required to go through criminal background checks, which are not required for commute drivers. But anyone who has previously failed our screening process will not be allowed to drive. You can always decline the Commute driver  if you don’t want to ride with fellow commuters.

Q: What if I want to be dropped off or picked up somewhere near my destination?

A: If for any reason you don’t want your fellow commuters to know your exact destination, we recommend that you plan in advance to be dropped off or picked up at a nearby neutral location, such as an intersection or a public destination (coffee shop, etc.) near your actual destination.

Q: What if I have a conflict with my commute driver?

A:  Get in touch with us in the same way you would if you have an issue with any Uber ride: select “Help” in the menu of your Uber app.

Q: How do ratings work?

A: Ratings work the same as they do in a normal Uber experience. Both riders and drivers rate each other after the trip.

For more information please see our blog post.