Over the past 6 months, Uber has been helping drivers and delivery people Move What Matters. From getting first responders to work, to delivering food to those who need it, we remain committed to supporting our communities during this unprecedented time. Restaurants, organizations, and companies of all sizes have turned to Uber to serve their customers, get patients to the care they need, and keep freight moving. 

Today, we’re proud to announce that Uber Health has expanded its services to include access to pharmaceutical delivery in Seattle and Dallas, with plans to grow in the coming months. With COVID-19 cases still on the rise across the US, getting to a pharmacy to pick up prescriptions can be challenging for many and nearly impossible for some. Leveraging Uber Direct, we’ve integrated with on-demand prescription delivery platform NimbleRx to help deliver medication to those who need it. 

“Now more than ever, it is critical that people get their medications safely and efficiently, and over the last several months we have seen a significant increase in demand for prescription delivery from both consumers and retail pharmacies,” said Talha Sattar, Founder and CEO of Nimble. “Through this partnership with Uber Health, we are able to dramatically increase the availability of on-demand delivery of an essential product like prescriptions, which is leading to a further increase in demand in all markets we are already active in.”

Uber Health launched in March 2018 to broaden Uber for Business’s suite of enterprise solutions and support its vision to meet the transportation needs of businesses across industries. Since then, Uber Health has worked closely with healthcare partners of all sizes to identify and address challenges within the non-emergency medical transportation experience. In response, Uber Health built a HIPAA-secure platform that’s flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient, allowing healthcare organizations to request rides for patients, caregivers, and staff. By improving access to transportation, Uber Health enables everyone – and especially our most underserved and diverse, vulnerable communities – to get to the care they need. 

But access to care is more than getting to and from doctor appointments. Healthcare is broad, complex, and ripe for change, and inefficiencies stand to affect patients and organizations alike. The percentage of first-time prescriptions abandoned by patients (and thus not picked up at pharmacies), can range as high as 30 percent [Sources: WSJ, NEHI]. And in today’s unprecedented climate, easily picking up prescriptions in-person becomes even more of an obstacle.

By tapping into Uber’s delivery expertise, Uber Health is able to facilitate prescription delivery directly to people’s homes. Uber Health began with a vision to help alleviate transportation as a barrier to care, and helping our most vulnerable populations get the prescriptions they need to stay healthy is a natural and exciting next step for us. 

To learn more about prescription delivery with Uber Health and NimbleRx, please reach out to us here.