Holy crap we LOVE AZ! We know that you love it too, because hey, you live here!  There’s only one thing we love more than AZ (excluding Uber, of course) and that’s buying local. One of the great things about this state is that we have a whole organization that helps facilitate locally focused financial gains… Local First AZ. We thought to ourselves, “Hey, with this much love in one place, what could we possibly do to create MORE?” Then it hit us… $15 off your Uber Ride (Nuber or already an Uberer) if you buy locally!

Hey I LOVE AZ! How can I get $15 off my Uber ride to Buy Local?

Enter the promo code BUYLOCALAZ before requesting your ride!


What do we want in return!? SHARE THE LOVE!

Take a photo of the business you are shopping at using your handy dandy smart phone and send us a tweet! Just follow the steps below…

  • Take a photo of the local biz
  • Tweet it to @Uber_PHX and @LocalFirstAZ and use #UberLocalAZ
  • Share the UberLove!
  • InstaGram encouraged!

So why Buy Local?

  • Have you heard about all of the amazing local businesses that are all taking part in this awesome month long event?
  • We love AZ, seriously, we do. Why else would we be here?
  • Fun Fact: When you use Uber you are “buying” local. All of our drivers have their own local businesses and partner with us to bring you your favorite way to request a ride by tapping an app.

I AM A NUBER UBERER! How do I sign up?

  1. Download the Uber App and enter the promo code BUYLOCALAZ or sign up here.
  2. When you are ready to ride just open your app, place your pin and request away!


  • The promo code will get $15 off your Uber ride, WOO!!
  • Valid 11/23 – 12/25/12
  • We ask you to take a photo of the local biz you are shopping at. Tweet it out to @Uber_PHX  with #UberLocalAZ