At Uber, we believe every eligible American citizen should have access to vote, and we know that we are uniquely positioned to help move people to the polls. That’s why we’ve been working hard to ensure everyone – regardless of what barriers they face – has access to vote. 

In September, we announced a commitment to help get folks registered to vote, and today, with the 2020 Presidential Election less than one month away, we’re announcing further efforts to help get people to the polls and feed them along the way: 

  • Uber Eats & Pizza to the Polls launch food trucks: With Americans eager to vote and long lines expected at polling sites across the country, Uber Eats is partnering with Pizza to the Polls to deploy a fleet of over 250 food trucks across 25 cities to deliver free food and good vibes. The food trucks will be giving out free Shake Shack, Milk Bar and local favorites while playing music and celebrating civic engagement. They’ll be on the road from Vote Early Day on October 24 through Election Day on November 3.
  • In-app poll finding feature & discounted rides to the polls: We know that in 2016, 14% of eligible voters noted transportation as a barrier to voting. That’s why we’re helping people find their polling locations with an in-app poll-finding feature and 50% off roundtrip rides to and from the polls (up to $7 each trip), or up to $14 for the two trips. It also applies on bikes and scooters. Terms and conditions apply.*
  • Greenlight Hubs as polling places: Social distancing will reduce the capacity of existing polling places, and health concerns will make many buildings (including senior centers, nursing homes, and some schools), unavailable as voting centers. That’s why we offered local governments through our alliance with Civic Alliance Greenlight Hub locations in 17 states to assist with new polling place sites. While many were assessed, we’re excited to announce that our Redondo Beach and Burbank locations have been approved by LA county and will be operational Vote Centers in the Presidential General Election.

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“Pizza to the Polls is psyched to team up with Uber Eats to deliver some tasty treats to voters waiting to cast a ballot,” said Scott Duncombe, co-founder of Pizza to the Polls. “We know waiting in line is difficult – so we’ll deliver snacks to make it better.”

“As part of Shake Shack’s mission to Stand For Something good, it’s important to us that our teams and our communities are empowered to use their voice and show their civic engagement,” shared Jay Livingston, Shake Shack CMO. “We’re thrilled to partner with Uber Eats and Pizza to the Polls this Election Day as we celebrate the democratic process.”

“As we look ahead to this year’s election, we are committed to doing our part to make sure every citizen has access to vote,” Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said. “We hope that by giving people the ability to easily register to vote, request an absentee ballot and get to the polls via the Uber and Uber Eats apps, independent workers — and everyone who uses our platform — will have a stronger voice in our democracy. And in addition to providing resources on the Uber and Uber Eats platforms to help individuals register to vote and get to the polls, we are proud to announce that we are also giving employees the day off, feeding people in line to vote, and looking into other ways to unite the communities we serve on Election Day,” Khosrowshahi added.

In September, we announced:

  • In-App Voter Registration & Vote Early Information: With an estimated 38-50M unregistered eligible voters in the United States and two-thirds of Americans saying they’re uncomfortable voting in-person with COVID-19, Uber teamed up with TurboVote to help riders, eaters, drivers, and delivery people register to vote and vote early through the Uber and Uber Eats apps. We’re proud to share that we’ve registered more than 76,000 people with Turbovote → 
  • Powering the Polls: This year, there is a shortage of poll workers; the majority of poll workers are over 60 and cannot sign up due to COVID-19. As a result, more than 500,000 new volunteers may be required to keep the polls open. So as a founding member of Power the Polls, Uber is encouraging people to volunteer as poll workers and we’ve partnered with several organizations including Civic Alliance, National Voter Registration Day, Vote Early Day, and Time to Vote to do so. Sign up now with Power the Polls

“At TurboVote, we provide Americans with the information they need to vote with confidence – no matter what. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Uber,” said Mike Ward, VP of Voter Engagement, Democracy Works. “With our in-app integration in both the Uber and Uber Eats apps, we’re making it easier than ever for millions of riders, drivers, eaters and delivery people register to vote or request an absentee ballot.”  

Lauren Kunis, Program Director of National Voter Registration Day, added, “With COVID-19 resulting in the loss of millions of voter registrations by the month, registering new voters is now more important than ever before. If we want to see record-setting turnout this fall, we need to see record-setting voter registration right now. It’s going to take all of us to make that happen, and we applaud Uber’s steadfast commitment to getting eligible voters registered on this year’s September 22 National Voter Registration Day and beyond.”

“Vote Early Day is thrilled to welcome Uber as a Premier Partner. Over 200 million Americans have options to vote early in the upcoming election. As part of this partnership, Uber will celebrate the inaugural Vote Early Day on October 24th, 2020 to ensure that eligible voters take advantage of their options to vote early – in-person or by-mail,” Joey Wozniak, Project Director of Vote Early Day added.

Steven Levine, Director of the Civic Alliance, said: “We are proud to call Uber a member company of the Civic Alliance. From promoting the 2020 Census to encouraging its community to vote, Uber is demonstrating strong civic leadership among companies in 2020. With today’s announcement reaffirming the company’s commitment to empower and support its communities, the company is helping more Americans shape our country’s future.”

We are proud to use our technology to help eligible Americans get safely to the polls this Election Day. As Election Day nears, keep check the Uber app and back here to access important information. If you need help getting registered or finding a way to vote safely and securely this year, listen to our Get Out the Vote podcast here.

* The promo is valid from 12:01am PT on November 3, 2020, to 3am PT on November 4, 2020. Max discount of $7 off each ride, for a maximum of two rides. The discounts will be automatically applied when you request your ride by using the polling finder. The offer applies in the US only, but does not apply to California and Michigan. Applies on all ride options, including bikes and scooters. Does not apply to Taxi and Transit. Discount does not apply to surcharges, tolls, fees, or tips and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. For accounts with multiple valid offers, the discount with the highest savings will automatically apply to a rider’s next trip. This offer is not intended to induce, nor is it conditioned on, the act of voting, refraining from voting or voting for or against any particular candidate, political party or measure.

Any information you share with TurboVote ,or Power the Polls  or Vote Early Day at their websites linked above will be subject to their respective privacy policies.