We opened our API to developers globally over a year ago. Since then we’ve seen the creative ways that other apps have used Uber’s API to help get riders from A to B.  Buy baseball tickets on StubHub and you’ll get a reminder to book your ride when it’s time to head for the game.  It’s the same with United Airlines for flights and OpenTable for restaurant reservations.  And Facebook’s Messenger lets you and your friends request a ride right when you are chatting.  These integrations help make life simpler and easier for people to get around.  

During the holidays, we completed our billionth trip.  Added together that’s a lot of time riders spend in an Uber.  Which got us thinking … what if developers could also offer users of their apps new ways to enjoy themselves — or get stuff done — while they’re on the road?  

So today we’re excited to announce the launch a new developer feature called Uber Trip Experiences which connects riders with their favorite apps at the start of a trip when they may have some time to spare.  

Here are some of the ideas we are excited about.

Entertainment:  10 minute playlists for a 10 minute trip

News:  A five minute news update for a five minute trip


Local Guides:  Insights and offers at your destination

Local Guides

Your home:  Turn on the heating when you’re headed home

Smart Home

That said, we know that people’s time is precious and sometimes passengers just want to sit back and relax in peace.  So users will be in complete control.  They will need to give permission before any app can connect to Uber and access their trip details.  And if they find it’s not useful, users will be able to turn off the feature on an app by app basis.


This is the biggest update to the Uber API since the release of our Ride Request API in March 2015.  More than ever, Uber now makes it possible for developers to build moving experiences.  We can’t wait to see what developers come up with next!

Get started today by following the instructions in our getting started guide!