At Uber our mission is to make getting from A to B an effortless experience that complements your daily life. To this end, we’ve given partners tools to embed Uber in their apps and sites to make getting where you need to go even easier. So whether you’re booking a hotel, choosing a restaurant for a night out, or planning your morning commute — we’re ready to take you there.

Starting today, when you request a ride or set a Ride Reminder through a partner app or site, they will be able to provide you with helpful content during your ride, right from the Uber app itself. With trip branding and personalization, you not only get to your destination, but also get the information you need along the way.

We are thrilled to be releasing this feature with the help of Hilton, Zomato, Citymapper, and a few of our other partners. When you use their apps, here’s what you will see during your ride:

Hilton uses Ride Reminders to help you book a ride to your hotel with a single tap. With trip branding and personalization, you now have a direct link to view your stay details in Hilton’s app, and can even check in to your room on your way.


Zomato lets you request a ride from a restaurant’s page in their app. Now they are taking this a step further and will let you easily check out the menu before you arrive.


Citymapper’s multimodal car and transit routing helps plan routes that combine Uber with metros and trains. Now you’ll be able to request an Uber from Citymapper, get a ride to the station, and easily switch back to see the live train times for the next leg of your journey.


Getting the information you need at the right time can be a challenge. We hope this feature alleviates some of the hassle — at least during your ride. We’re looking forward to bringing trip branding and personalization to more of your favorite apps over the next few months.

This feature is open to all 3rd party developers that are integrating Ride Reminders or ride request deeplinks. So now, more than ever, we’re making it possible for developers to build moving experiences.

Are you interested in using trip branding and personalization for your app or site? Get started today by following the instructions in our getting started guide