Exciting new trip data from August shows that Portland metro area residents are increasingly using Uber to complete the first and last miles of their public transportation commutes. The Rose City now joins cities like San Diego and San Francisco that are utilizing a combination of affordable, efficient options to move around their community.

In February, we reported that nearly 1 in every 4 Uber trips in Portland’s suburbs began or ended within a quarter mile of a public transportation system.

Now, 6 months later, nearly 1 in every 4 Uber trips still begins or ends within a quarter mile of a public transportation system, but the number of suburban trips has increased by more than 500%.

Here is a look at a typical weekday of trips beginning or ending near a TriMet station from February to August:

PDX Visual

In fact, over half of all Uber rides are one-way trips, suggesting that riders depend on another mode of transit to complete the next stage of their journey. Here in Portland, that means people are relying on Uber to bridge the first and last miles between TriMet stations and their homes and workplaces.

We are proud of the fact that trips in the Portland suburbs have increased by more than 500%, while the rate at which they are beginning or ending near TriMet remains the same.

It goes to show that Uber and Portland’s public transportation system truly are working together, even as more and more Portlanders are using Uber and other ridesharing services.