In 2014, Florida is on pace to become the third most populous state in the country. But the state’s current transportation ecosystem simply isn’t able to keep up. Millions of residents and visitors don’t have access to efficient, reliable and modern transportation options. If the Sunshine State truly intends to thrive as a destination that fosters innovation and economic growth, its leaders should stand up for better, global transportation options like Uber.

Tell Your Legislator To Stand Up For You

Senator Jeff Brandes and Representative Jamie Grant have introduced legislation that would modernize transportation options, increase consumer choice and drive economic opportunity for thousands of Floridians. These bills would eliminate antiquated regulations all over the state that limit consumer choice and options in transportation. The bills would:

  • Eliminate minimum wait times for transportation. If you call for a town car, and it comes in 10 minutes, why should you have to wait another 50 minutes before you are legally allowed to enter the vehicle? Pre-arranging transportation more than hour in advance doesn’t protect consumer choice, it limits it.
  • Eliminate minimum fare requirements. If you want to take a stylish ride down the road for drinks with friends, why should you have to pay $70 in Miami, $50 in Tampa or $35 in Orlando for that ride? Florida residents and visitors should not have to pay arbitrarily inflated fares for sedan rides that are up to 28 times the minimum fare of a taxi, even for a ride that is only 10 minutes long.
  • Eliminate artificial caps on vehicle licenses for sedans. Miami’s anti-competitive cap on sedans is the only one of its kind in the country. Why should one business have to shrink for another one to grow? Existing and aspiring small business owners should not be restricted from growing their businesses and increasing their economic opportunities. Transportation providers need more chances to grow their small businesses, not fewer.

Hundreds of thousands of Florida residents and visitors have opened the Uber app, trying to connect with a stylish ride, only to find their transportation needs can’t be met. Floridians want their leaders to stand up for innovation, not special interests. Uber in Florida means thousands of new well-paying jobs for the cities’ local economies – and delivery of safe, convenient and seamless transportation alternatives.

Let’s #MoveFLForward


It’s time for Florida to join 85 markets worldwide where Uber delivers reliability and style at the tap of an app. Show your support for Uber in Florida by contacting your representative. Tell them to vote ‘YES’ on SB 1618 and HB 1389 and to #MoveFLForward.

Uber On,

Uber Team