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This weekend we’re encouraging all of New York to let their inner hipster shine. No need to grow a mustache or start drinking Tecate, but you will need to head to Brooklyn (in an Uber, of course).

Check out what the cool kids in Brooklyn are up to this weekend:

  • Spend a day in Carroll Gardens: On Saturday from 10am to 5pm, friends and residents of Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens will be out in full force for the Carroll Park Fair. Essentially a yard sale for the urbanite who has no yard, the Carroll Park Fair allows for people to buy a “plot” where they can sell their goods (old or new). While it’s fun to peruse through the copious amounts of stuff, the fair also makes for a great excuse to check out one of our favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods. After browsing, head to Black Gold Records, the eclectic café/record store/antiques shop for some afternoon coffee and antiquing. Then grab some huevos rancheros at La Slowteria or fried chicken and biscuits at Seersucker.
  • Scope out Bushwick’s art scene: This weekend is the 2014 Bushwick Open Studios. Starting May 30 through June 1, Bushwick galleries and studios will be opening their doors to the public for a three-day arts and culture festival. This is your chance to go deep into the hipster heartland of Bushwick and immerse yourself in the art scene. Find more info about BOS’s events, exhibitions, and parties here.
  • Go to a potluck, but not just any potluck: The roving potluck-meets-art-show event, Slideluck, is hosting its next dinner on Saturday in Bushwick. The concept behind Slideluck is simple: build and strengthen the community through art and food. The series, which hosts events all over the world, features local artists who present their work to guests via slideshow, typically paired with music by a local band. In keeping with traditional potluck guidelines, everyone is asked to bring a dish to be shared. And to crank the hipster-meter up one more notch, there will also be an Instagram scavenger hunt in collaboration with Bushwick Open Studios. Learn more about Slideluck here and then be sure to RSVP to Saturday’s event.
  • Go to the theater (and we’re not talking about Broadway): Word on the street is that Then She Fell, an interactive play currently showing in Williamsburg, is one of the most exciting theater performances you can find in NYC. In the same vein as Sleep No More, Then She Fell is an immersive experience that pushes theatergoers outside their comfort zones. If you haven’t been, it’s about time you do. Get more info about the show and book your tickets online here.
  • Make it a Sunday Funday: This is New York City, which means there is always a dance party to go to — even on Sundays. This weekend marks the season opener of Tiki Disco at The Well in Bushwick. The popular Brooklyn day party kicks things off with headliner DJ Eli Escobar. In addition, the new Williamsburg hotspot Verboten continues its Sunday brunch series with guest DJ Lee Curtis. Rather than sink into a Sunday depression with thoughts of Monday morning looming over your head, treat yourself to a true Sunday Funday.
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Enjoy the weekend. Uber on!