This weekend, we’ve got more places and events lined up to keep your schedule (and stomach) filled. Art festivals and breakfast food face-offs abound!

East Your Art Out | Harbor Arts Festival

Harbor Arts Festival 2014The festival is, of course, a celebration of the arts, but this year’s exhibition focuses on the intersection of art and environmental issues. Aiming to raise awareness of climate change and its effect on sea levels, the festival has artwork and presentations to engage the Boston community. Stop by this Saturday at the Shipyard Gallery to join the discussion, enjoy some live music, and take in the sights from the vendors, artists, and harbor vista.

Get Back in the Ring | Dueling Donuts

Dueling DonutsNothing gets us quite as excited as a breakfast food competition. This Saturday, The Sinclair is hosting the showdown on their turf, versus Union Square Donuts. We’re pretty sure the only real winner of this duel will be your couch, which is where you will be parked after gorging on donuts.


Get Slimed | I Ain’t Afraid of No Toasts

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backbarSomerville’s backbar is a gem worth venturing to. They’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of your favorite ghost-hunting flick from the 80s. Seriously, it’s been 30 years?! All we can say is there better be some grown-up ecto cooler.

Phantom Fandom | Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

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Phantom Gourmet Food FestOn the streets surrounding Boston’s main baseball park, Phantom Gourmet’s annual food fest is yet another opportunity to eat your Saturday away. Vendors line the streets, offering hundreds of food options, drinks, and live music. Hop into some of the venues off of the street, including one of our favorites, Blazing Paddles, for bonus fun.
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