Cheers, Seattle! St-Germain Liqueur has gathered some of the city’s finest craft cocktail masters and equipped them with the makings of a superb happy hour for you and your friends. With a tap of the Uber app, your own personal soirée will be pedaled straight to your door.

Friday, July 31st from 2pm-6pm for Downtown Seattle businesses
Saturday, August 1st from 11am-6pm for Capitol Hill residents


  • From your office or home, open the Uber app and request BIKETENDER
  • Demand will be high, but if your timing is right, a Biketender will be on his or her way!
  • Make sure all imbibers have their IDs ready to flash. Everyone MUST be 21+ to enjoy
  • Each carafe will be $48 and will serve up to five cocktails, mixed to perfection

Have a question? Give us a shout!

Team Uber Seattle

The finest of print:

  • Everyone must be 21+ and have their ID ready. Biketenders will be checking!
  • Maximum purchase quantity per request is two carafes
  • All payment will be processed through the Uber app and will be charged to your account
  • Please enjoy responsibly in the comfort of your office or home!
  • No Biketenders were required to sport mustache wax during this promotion 😉