We’ve all been there. You’re in a POOL and your, or a co-rider’s destination is on a one-way street or blocked road. So the car has to loop around the block, which is frustrating for everyone. But what if you, or your co-rider had just hopped out at the corner, and walked that half a block to the destination? Chances are everyone would have gotten to their destinations faster, which means a happier POOL ride for all.

Starting today, we’re piloting suggested drop-off spots for POOL rides in DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles to save everyone time.

As you approach your destination, our algorithm will look at the current route your POOL is on in real time, and determine whether there’s another drop-off spot that will help you reach your destination faster.

If we find a better drop-off spot, we’ll send you a notification that will take you to the app so you can see how much time we expect to save you. If you’d like to update your drop-off spot, just tap the blue box on the map. Your driver will get the update on their navigation, and everyone in the car can be on their way with one less loop.

This suggested drop-offs pilot builds off our success in NYC, which shows that sometimes the smartest decision is to hop out at the corner and walk to your destination.  So next time you’re in a POOL and get a suggested drop-off, remember that your entire car will save a few minutes, while sparing your driver and co-riders the frustration of that extra loop. Because when everyone does their small part, the system works better together.