Tis the season…

December is a busy time of year – when your smartphone starts working overtime to keep you organized, on time and in the spirit. We believe that being able to connect to a safe, convenient and affordable ride directly from your smartphone any time – and especially this time of the year – is not only convenient, it’s essential.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce that Sprint is the latest wireless carrier to join the Uber network, and Uber is now featured on the home screen of many of Sprint’s Android devices, which will take customers to Google Play to download the app. With the introduction of the Uber app automatically featured on Android devices, getting a ride is as easy as checking the weather or your email.

Android Image

So whether the season takes you home, to a holiday party, or out of town – Uber and Sprint have got you covered.

Be mobile and merry this December!

For Sprint customers that are new to Uber – Sprint has a special offer of $20 off their first Uber ride using the offer code SPRINT during the month of December. * More information and how to redeem this exclusive offer can be found at: https://get.uber.com/go/Sprint

* User pays the difference for fares over $20. Any fare under $20 not used in the first ride is forfeited. Uber is available in these select cities and this exclusive offer ends 12/31/2014.