To celebrate International Women’s Day, UberEATS is shining a spotlight on Lynn Gordon, the founder of the Twin Cities’ French Meadow Bakery and Cafe.

French Meadow began baking organic yeast-free bread in 1985 as the first Certified Organic Bakery in the United States. In the 32 years since French Meadow opened its doors, Lynn has guided its expansion to new cafe locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, in addition to complementing the tasty baked goods with full farm-to-table service in the Minneapolis location’s Bluestem Bar. French Meadow offers gluten-free, organic, local and natural foods in each of its locations (which now includes five airport nationwide).

In celebration of her fantastic career, Lynn provided a few words of wisdom for aspiring female chefs and restaurant owners everywhere.

“If you love and have passion for the foods you offer, never compromise quality or labor, and have total respect for your guests by working hard each and every day—success will follow. You can’t go wrong!” Gordon said. “Put forth 300 percent each day, not for the sake of money, but for the sake of pride of workmanship. That has such value, combined with appreciation for the people who work hard for you. Without them, we are nothing.”

To experience a taste of Lynn’s culinary creativity, check out French Meadow’s menu now on UberEATS.