Taxis in San Francisco are set to GO ON STRIKE Tuesday, June 21st so we’re stepping up to fill the void. Instead of being stranded throughout San Francisco while cabs circle City Hall, take your first ride with Uber at taxi rates!

UPDATE: For the latest info on Uber’s reaction to the SF taxi strike, check out our updated blog post.

How are we giving rides at taxi cost?

If you’ve never taken a ride with Uber before, we’re rescuing you from being stranded and introducing you to bliss (read: Uber) by automatically taking 50% off your first ride within San Francisco.

What about the Uber-faithful?

Headed somewhere with a friend who doesn’t have an Uber account? Invite them to Uber via the app (which gets you $10 off!), have them sign up and request the ride (1/2 off!), then buy them a drink when you get where you’re going! Share Uber and everyone wins 🙂

When do fares return to normal?

Consider this a Cinderella-story, but with pimped-out black cars instead of pumpkin-carriages. When the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday, everyone’s first ride with Uber will return to normal fares. But, if your “ball” is on Monday and your first ride with Uber happens after midnight, you’ll get your 50% off. To put it simply: the deal runs from 12:00am Tuesday morning until 11:59pm Tuesday night, and only within San Francisco.

That’s the deal.

DON’T GET STRANDED by the taxi strike on Tuesday, GET UBER! And as always, follow @Uber_SF on Twitter to get the latest updates on Uber in the Bay Area.