Uber is all about providing service that’s exceptional but never exclusive. Today we’re excited to roll out a few changes that make getting around the 7×7 more affordable than ever before.

Cutting Uber Black fares by ten percent

San Francisco has the highest taxi fares in the country… and the most expensive Ubers. We can’t do anything about the former, but we’ve decided to address the latter head-on by decreasing prices for the first time in Uber history. Under our new rate structure, the average Black Car ride will cost 10% less than it did in 2012.

Some key updates:

  • Same class, less cash. Lower time and distance charges, plus a lower base fare, effective January 21.
  • Simpler, more transparent pricing. The new Uber Black has the same per-mile rate whether you’re traveling in the city or beyond its borders.
  • Better service throughout the Bay. With riders now responsible for any bridge tolls incurred during their trip, drivers are encouraged to provide service outside SF. (Only regular travelers to Marin and the East Bay will be affected by bridge tolls.)

UBERx for all

Last year, we started testing UBERx, a lower-priced alternative to our Black Car service. We found that riders who relied on premium cars for business travel and nights on the town also embraced a more affordable choice for everyday use. We’re ready to take UBERx out of beta and make it available to all of our clients in San Francisco.

What you need to know:

  • An Uber for every occasion. Our UBERx fleet comprises mostly hybrids as well as some smaller sedans. It’s the Uber you already know and love, only dressed down a bit — perfect for errands or those mornings when you’re running late to work.
  • Possible speed bumps. While we fully expect UBERx to be as convenient as Uber Black, you might experience slightly longer arrival times and drivers who are more dependent on GPS.
  • Safe, compliant, and convenient as ever. Every single driver still meets commercial insurance and TCP licensing standards. UBERx is a seamless new addition to your Uber routine.


These are just the first steps in our broader plan to make Uber accessible to as many people as possible in 2013. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and stay tuned for more information about our upcoming expansions in Sacramento, Silicon Valley, and Oakland. Wherever you need to go, we’ll get you there!

Happy Friday,

The Uber SF Team