St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just for those who hail from the Emerald Isle or are one of the 33 million Irish-Americans in the US. In fact, last year more than half of Americans celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, which is considered one of the most popular drinking days in the country.

Cities large and small are preparing to host the influx of people traveling to some of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day bashes and will be looking to celebrate with pints of green-colored beer and cabbage.

As people make their way to their festivities, Uber is teaming up with Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to encourage everyone to party safely, plan ahead and get a designated driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA), 252 people died in crashes due to drunk driving over a 24-hour period during the St. Patrick’s Holiday from 2011-2015.  

Even after just one drink a person’s ability to make the right decisions diminishes and could increase their risk of getting arrested for a DUI — or worse jeopardize their safety and others on the road. A first-time offense can cost the driver upwards of $20,000 in fines and legal fees, according to NHTSA. Taking an Uber ride or having a designated driver after a night out is a smart and far less costly choice.

Safety is always key, so Uber put together a list of tips for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Get A Designated Driver

Whether you are planning on taking an Uber or having a family member or friend take the wheel, make sure you know how you plan on getting home safely before heading out to party.

No Luck Needed With Uber’s Upfront Fares

With upfront fares, you’ll see the total cost of your ride before you request. That means riders get to see and approve the fare in advance. There’s no math involved, and no surprises. The upfront fare takes into account all the factors that typically impact the price of a trip, including how many people are requesting rides as well as the length of the journey.

Share Your ETA With Your Mates

Running late? Let your friends know by sharing your location in real-time so they know when to expect you. Once you’re on a trip, just tap “Share Status” to send them a map of your route and ETA.

Left Your Shamrock Behind?

It happens to everyone: You leave your Uber and realize you left something behind in the backseat. When it’s your phone, your backpack, or even a shoe (yes, it’s happened), with Uber it’s easy to recover lost items. Here’s how:

  • Select “Your Trips” from the top left-hand section of your app and and pick which trip you lost the item.  
  • The best way to retrieve an item you may have left in a vehicle is to call the driver. Select “I lost an item” and scroll down to enter your phone number and tap SUBMIT.
  • Your phone will ring and connect you with your driver’s mobile number.
  • If you’ve lost your phone, please enter a friend’s phone number to connect with your driver.

Respectful Rides

To help make Uber better for everyone, make sure to follow our  Community Guidelines to ensure that both riders and drivers treat each other with respect.

Uber is proud to serve as the Official Designated Driving App of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. To learn more about our partnership, visit our website.