Crime is a reality in every community and is something all companies face. At Uber, we believe we have a responsibility to appropriately cooperate with law enforcement investigations, while also protecting the privacy of our users.

While serving as an assistant district attorney for 13 years in San Francisco’s District Attorney’s Office, I saw firsthand the importance of having information available that is integral to a criminal investigation. This experience has given me the unique perspective needed to help build a global investigations team to interact with law enforcement and share information quickly when time is critical.

Since joining Uber last year, I have focused on bringing in former law enforcement individuals who have the expertise to handle requests from public safety officials  during active investigations. Today, this team now represents Uber in regions around the world.

Our ongoing investments in technology and innovation to build a world-class team has helped assist authorities while at the same time, helping ensure information requests follow our internal policies and applicable laws. In the U.S., for example, our team works diligently to provide information requests after receiving subpoenas, court orders, or search warrants.

With the feedback from law enforcement officials, we designed a new online tool to help make investigative requests more efficient. Technology allows us to help streamline the process, enabling police to gather critical information securely and quickly when and where they need it most.

To help ensure law enforcement agencies are educated  on our process, we meet face-to-face with investigators to provide training on Uber’s business, data and process for legally obtaining information.

We are proud to work closely with law enforcement to promote safety in our communities. To learn more about our online tool for law enforcement officials, see our video here.