We started the Uber Developer Platform to make it easy for any developer to get their users from A to B. With the launch of a private UberRUSH API beta in January, we expanded that mission to include on-demand delivery – partnering with Nordstrom, 1800flowers, Google Express, and others to integrate UberRUSH with just a few lines of code. And now, starting today, the UberRUSH API is officially open to everyone.

With a variety of endpoints and features, the RUSH API acts as a simple solution for companies looking to build or streamline last-mile logistics. Now anyone can build on-demand delivery right into an existing business – or dream up something completely new.

Here’s how companies are already taking advantage of the UberRUSH API:

  • Enabling expansion: Before the founders of Pythagoras, an on-demand artisan pizza service, had to pre-plan delivery schedules and stick to a limited delivery zone. Now that the UberRUSH API is built into their app, the team is able to automatically tap into Uber’s delivery network and reach new neighborhoods with their delicious pizzas.
  • More selection: Dryv, an on-demand dry cleaning business in Chicago, uses the UberRUSH API to create more options for their customers. Whether a customer is in the midst of a stain emergency or needs clothes delivered to a special location, UberRUSH allows the team to accommodate additional services without having to restructure their entire operation.
  • Improving reliability: New restaurant concepts Ando and Mealmade are on-demand food delivery services that receive hundreds of orders every day and experience unpredictable spikes in orders. By integrating the UberRUSH API, the team can access Uber’s entire delivery network at an instant so they can fulfill orders even during the busiest hours.
  • Turning on-demand ideas into businesses: Our goal is to enable any type of on-demand business – whether it requires moving people or things. For entrepreneurs, Up Sonder, UberRUSH was the missing ingredient to help transform their concept into a reality. They now offer drones on-demand so that customers can capture epic footage for any occasion.

The UberRUSH API means the logistics headache is over and the possibilities are endless. To kick off the release of the API, we’re hosting workshop challenges in Chicago, NYC, and San Francisco the week of June 27th.

If you have a great idea that involves getting something from A to B, join us! Show off your completed API integrations for a chance to be featured on our blog, receive free credits, and meet our team. We can’t wait to see your ideas in motion.