We are thrilled to announce a new safety awareness campaign with our long-time partner, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, highlighting all the reasons people should choose to ride rather than giving an excuse to get behind the wheel after drinking.

We’ve all heard the excuses and lists of reasons people choose to drink and drive from friends or loved ones as they leave a party, a bar or brunch — even though we know there is never a good reason to drink and drive.

“Drunk driving is still the Number One killer on our nation’s roads, and there is no excuse for this,” said MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church. “With all the options available for a non-drinking designated driver, everyone must take personal responsibility for keeping our roads free of the devastation caused by drunk driving.”

Together, Uber and MADD are showing all the reasons to ride by appreciating all the men and women who drive a bus, train, or drive on the Uber app every day giving people an alternative to drinking and driving.

Next time you hear someone explain why they’re  getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, tell them the reason they shouldn’t – there is always a bus, train  or a ride requested through Uber a moment away. To learn more about Uber and MADD’s partnership, visit here.

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