In November, Uber provided its millionth ride in the Big Easy! We’ve come a long way since first launching UberBLACK in September of last year and are grateful that we’ve established a permanent home in New Orleans.

While we celebrate our millionth trip, we also celebrate the many ways we have been able to become a part of the transportation fabric of the city. From sports to music to festivals, Uber has provided transportation logistics to several quintessential New Orleans events. Check out the timeline of Uber’s journey in New Orleans and how we’ve made a positive impact on the city.


July 2014: UberIceCream. First time the Uber platform is available to NOLA residents

September 2014: “UberBlack” bill passes and operations start – dozens of partners hit the road from local limousine companies, taking advantage of a flexible earning opportunity

January 2015: Uber New Orleans partners with Haydels to deliver King Cakes on demand on the first day of carnival

April 2015: Ridesharing legislation passes, uberX launches

August 2015: RESILIENT donation view for Hurricane Katrina 10 Year Anniversary benefiting the Greater New Orleans Foundation

September 2015: 1 year after Uber launched, thousands of New Orleans Driver-Partners are on the road

October 2015: UberKITTENS. Uber partners with the Louisiana Animal SPCA to raise awareness for animal adoption

October 2015: Uber partners with Voodoo Music + Arts Experience to offer safe and reliable rides home to festival-goers

November 2015: Uber completes millionth trip in Greater New Orleans


Approaching this milestone, we wanted to see just how Uber has impacted New Orleans, so we took a look at some data and crunched the numbers. What we found is that by providing safe and reliable transportation options available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, Uber has helped make New Orleans a safer and more economically vibrant community.


Uber has created flexible earning opportunities in the Greater New Orleans Area

Uber has created thousands of economic earning opportunities in New Orleans. To date, local driver-partners have earned over $15 million. This is money that is helping individuals and families put extra cash in their pockets, achieve better financial security, or reach other goals. Uber driver-partners also choose exactly when and for how long they work. This flexibility allows parents to drive on the platform when their child is in school or military partners to drive while transitioning from active duty. To date, our military and veteran partners alone have earned over $600K! We’ve not only been able to create economic opportunities, but we have been able to provide these opportunities across the Greater New Orleans footprint, including some neighborhoods falling above the state average unemployment rate and below the average median income. Interested in Driving with Uber? Sign up here.




More New Orleanians are turning to Uber for affordable transportation

Since launching uberX in April, we have seen tremendous trip growth as thousands of people have turned to Uber to meet their transportation needs in New Orleans. With the increase in Taxi fares in September, uberX is now over 25% cheaper than a Taxi…and it could get even cheaper very soon!




Uber is providing a better late night transportation option

In addition to becoming a more reliable and affordable transportation option, New Orleanians are using Uber more and more as an alternative to drinking and driving. Looking at our requests by time of day, we see that requests peak the same time Alcohol-Related Crash Fatalities are at their highest.



Uber offers reliable rides with low wait times throughout the city

Since launching uberX in April 2015, wait times for rides in New Orleans have steadily decreased. With thousands of driver-partners out on the roads, riders are now seeing an average wait time of about 1-6 minutes, even in areas of the city previously underserved by public transportation. In Gentilly, for example, an average wait time is under 4 minutes. In Algiers, average wait time is around 5 minutes.


new_orleans_eta_evolution v2

The most exciting element of Uber’s impact in New Orleans is that the access, affordability, and opportunity benefits listed above are just the start. In the coming months and years, we can’t wait to see how our impact will grow and evolve as we continue to improve our technology to benefit the riders and driver-partners who use our platform.

Laissez les UBER temps roulez!

Uber Nola Team




Congratulations to Driver-Partner Anthony White, for completing the millionth trip in New Orleans! The millionth trip started in the Gentilly area and ended near City Park. Anthony is a father of three, a veteran, and a native New Orleanian who drives on the Uber platform to supplement his income as a truck driver. General Manager of Uber New Orleans, Tom Hayes, took Anthony out to a special lunch to celebrate the milestone!