Peace of mind is essential when getting from A to B and we want users to know that if they have safety concerns, there are discreet and convenient options to report them to us. With Uber’s new On-Trip Reporting feature, riders have the ability to report a non-emergency safety issue in real time while it is top of mind, instead of waiting until after the trip has ended.  

Feedback has been a part of the Uber experience since the beginning. However, our research shows that riders may not consistently report experiences that make them feel uncomfortable due in part to being distracted after the trip. When you are meeting friends for dinner, going right into a business meeting or coming home to family, reporting something like harsh braking or inappropriate remarks may not be top of mind.  

By creating an additional reporting channel, we aim to encourage people to share feedback when it’s convenient for them, which helps us better pinpoint issues and guide our work on helping to develop safety solutions. 

Here’s how it works:

Riders will see a “report safety incident” option in their Safety Toolkit (accessed by tapping the blue shield icon). Once they tap this feature, they will be able to report a non-emergency safety issue while still on the trip. Uber’s safety team will follow up after the trip. For emergency situations, riders and drivers should contact 911 which users can access on the same screen through the Safety Toolkit.

As outlined in our U.S. Safety Report last year, we are constantly pushing to do more on safety. That means being transparent about our safety record, developing actionable solutions to reduce barriers to reporting and using innovative technology to help make travel safer than ever before. 

Every piece of feedback we receive can help make the platform safer for everyone.