Uber loves Ohio and with that we strive to advance its cities by connecting its residents with safe, reliable, and affordable ways to get where they need to go.

In cities across the world, Uber gives riders the freedom to connect to their cities in new, innovative ways while empowering driver-partners with flexible economic opportunities and the ability to manage their own schedule and business.

With Ohio’s populations growing faster than ever, so is the need for economic opportunities and new jobs across Ohio. That’s why we were proud to be joined by Ohio Senate President, Keith Faber, and Speaker of the Ohio House, Cliff Rosenberger, as we announced our major initiative to recruit 10,000 drivers to the Uber platform in cities across Ohio by the end of 2016.

We will work toward achieving our goal in coordination with community partnerships developed across the state, modeled after our partnership with the Franklin County Economic Development & Planning Department, which will help to focus our efforts on recruiting 3,000 drivers in Columbus alone.

We are dedicated to providing Ohioans with a flexible way to earn an income and reach their financial goals by partnering with Uber. Already, thousands of Ohioans have found that the Uber platform is a great and convenient way to make a living.

General Manager of Uber Ohio, James Ondrey, joined by President Faber, Speaker Rosenberger, and Columbus driver partner, Christy Eversole



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Be on the lookout for more details on upcoming job fairs and info sessions on uberohio.com.