Road safety begins with a click. United by a shared mission, Uber is teaming up with Volvo and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), to create a public safety movement that encourages people to buckle up with the first-ever National Seat Belt Day observed on November 14. This day will serve as an annual touchpoint to encourage action and remind people to buckle up every time they get in a vehicle.

This first-ever National Seat Belt Day is special, as we are also celebrating the 60th anniversary of Volvo Cars’ invention of the modern three-point seat belt. This invention is believed to have saved a million lives to date and is still used in vehicles today. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has said seat belts are the “single most effective safety technology in the history of the automobile.”  We agree and are honored to pay tribute to this life-saving technology with the first National Seat Belt Day. 

As the holiday travel season approaches, the first thing everyone should do when they take their seats – whether in the front or backseat of the car – is buckle up. Last year, it was estimated that more than 102 million people drove more than 50 miles during the holiday period in the U.S., with Thanksgiving being the busiest road travel holiday. 

In App Safety Banner:

To put our action behind this campaign, we are reminding riders throughout the month of November to buckle up with an in-app reminder. A 2017 survey by IIHS found that 4 in 5 adults admitted they don’t bother to buckle up when taking short trips or when traveling by taxi or ridesharing.  

“Research shows that fewer adults buckle up in the back seat of passenger vehicles, by any number of measures. Unfortunately, this results in hundreds of fatalities each year,” said Jonathan Adkins, Executive Director, GHSA. “I’m delighted that Uber is using the built in power of its app to help remind its passengers to protect themselves by the simple act of buckling up.”

Our message is simple—no matter where you’re seated in the vehicle—we want you to always remember to buckle up, whether  going a few blocks, a few miles or a long distance trip. Make it Click. 

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