Halloween is almost upon us, which means friends and families around the world will soon be venturing out to their parties and trick or treating meet-up spots. But arriving to those spooky affairs as a group hasn’t always been easy with Uber. You have to either change your destination mid-trip, or meet all at one place to catch your ride.

Just in time for the festivities, we’re introducing a multiple stops feature. This new feature lets you seamlessly add up to three total stops to your journey. That way, you can hop in your Uber and then grab the crew. All in one car, all in one trip.To use the feature, tap “where to?” and then “+”. Add the addresses of your stops, and then request your ride. Should you need to make changes during your trip, you can also add and remove stops in real time. Your driver will automatically receive directions to each of the stops so you can sit back and relax.

So whether you’re heading to a costume party with friends, or a night out with your other half, you’ll be able to arrive in one piece this Halloween weekend – and beyond – with the multiple stops feature.